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Get Covered Campaign

#GetCovered with #NPAF

About #GetCovered

National Patient Advocate Foundation, along with our partners, is spearheading the #GetCovered campaign to promote open enrollment for 2021 health insurance coverage. People need good, reliable information so that they can choose the best plan for themselves — and we need your help spreading the word that everyone should #GetCovered. This toolkit was designed with easy ways you can help out on social media.

For more of our #GetCovered resources and tips, please visit here. Thank you!

NPAF’s grassroots campaigns are a core part of our Patient Action League (PAL) program made possible by generous support from the following sponsors: Abbvie, Amgen, Bristol Myers Squibb, Takeda Oncology, Sanofi Genzyme and Johnson & Johnson.

(October 15–December 7)
Coverage for seniors of age 65+ and adults with disabilities
Health Insurance Marketplace
(November 1–December 15)
Coverage for adults of age 19–64 who don’t receive government or employer-based health insurance

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How to Use This Digital/Social Toolkit

The primary goals of the actions below are to first raise the profile of tweets, posts, and other content shared on the National Patient Advocate Foundation’s social media accounts about open enrollment and the #GetCovered campaign. And second, to help our amazing volunteers seamlessly move our traditional in-person organizing to the online world. With your help, we can get this content in front of more people to ensure as many people #GetCovered as possible.

Step 1. Read through the Do’s and Don’ts below to get a sense of how frequently you should be posting on your own social media accounts and what kind of interactions to avoid, so you can be ready to hit the ground running for the campaign launch on September 30.
Step 2. Next, you’ll want to prepare for the campaign kickoff by following the social media handles listed in the “Leading up to the Kickoff” section, doing research about local reporters, and speaking with your friends and family about joining this campaign.
Step 3. After that, it’s time to go viral and start tweeting and posting! Below we’ve split up this campaign into five different phases, and assigned specific social asks to complete on pre-assigned dates. Under each ask, you’ll want to copy and paste the text provided below to post on your personal social media accounts. Some asks will also be to retweet and share posts from NPAF’s social media accounts.

* If you have questions about how to use this toolkit, please email
*Keep an eye out for the images you’ll need to download from Dropbox to add to your Instagram posts/stories, which can be accessed here.

Social Media: Do’s & Don’ts


  • Do post consistently (but don’t spam). By posting on a regular basis, you’ll increase the likelihood that your friends and followers will both see and engage with your posts. Using this calendar of social asks is a great way to hold yourself accountable to posting regularly.

    *Note: Your posts don’t all have to be health care-related, they just have to be engaging! It’s also OK to switch it up by writing your own content or sharing posts that you see on your social media feeds.
  • Do use relevant hashtags. Using relevant hashtags in your posts for this campaign is a great way to engage others and help spread the word about the impending health care enrollment plan deadlines. Some recommended hashtags include: #GetCovered, #OpenEnrollment, and #NPAFProTips. This way it makes it as easy as possible for people to find the information they need all in the same place.
  • Do post on all social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). It’s important to remember that not everyone has an account on every social media platform, so you’ll need to reach your network where they like to hang out digitally. Posting across platforms will help maximize the reach of your message.

    *Note: even if you don’t have a lot of followers on a specific channel, by liking, commenting and sharing NPAF’s content it will help increase the reach of the tweets and posts.


  • Don’t engage with internet trolls, people who comment or post aggressive, inflammatory, or off-topic content to disrupt or distract for the original post. These days internet trolls are on every social medium, and they may try to distract you from getting out your message. In most cases, they’re just bots and are completely harmless. However, if you ever feel uncomfortable, just go ahead and block or report the user.
  • Don’t use social media to write novels. You’re likely to reach more people if your posts are short and sweet. Using the pre-written copy that corresponds with each social ask for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram below is a great way to get more eyes on your content and ensure you’re effectively communicating about this campaign.