White House Announces Change to Help Young Adults Get Health Coverage

On Monday afternoon NPAF and PAF staff had an opportunity to participate on a White House conference call announcing extended health care coverage for young adults under the new "Affordable Care Act". Below you will find a link to the official public statement regarding this important coverage. NPAF encourages you to share this information liberally with your patients, friends and family members as it will have an immediate impact on more than 1.2 million Americans!

Key highlights discussed on the call include:

1. Young adults have less access to employer health coverage than any other age group.

2. People in their 20's are twice as likely to be uninsured than any other age group.

3. Under the Affordable Care Act parents can now keep their young adult children on their insurance plans through age 26 beginning on 9/23/10.

4. The big announcement on Monday's call was that 65 major insurance companies are offering this extended coverage effective immediately to avoid another round of young graduates facing disenrollment.

5. This Act does not provide a retroactive benefit and therefore does not require insurers to cover young adults under age 26 who had been previously dis-enrolled from a parent's policy.

This Act does not address extended Medicaid benefits for foster children and therefore those benefits will still term according to the state's eligibility requirements.

This is a welcome benefit for so many families and NPAF and PAF appreciate your efforts in educating others about this issue.

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