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Health Needs Navigation

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Health Needs Navigation is our signature campaign.

We want everyone—your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and strangers—to understand the importance of financial and social needs navigation services, so that we begin building public-demand for it. 

Our ultimate goal is to embed financial and social needs navigation services in our hospitals and health systems, and we need your help to get there.


What is needs navigation?

It’s people helping people.

We use needs navigation to describe the array of services that help people navigate our complex healthcare system to address their most pressing financial, social or other essential needs. Visit our FAQ to learn more.


Take Action

We need you to build buzz and get people talking about needs navigation! Download our toolkit to see the different actions you can do to make an impact in your community.

Here are five other things you can do to start: 

  1. Sign-up for our campaign digest. Each week in October, we will share the latest campaign happenings and update you on the impact you’re making throughout the month. You will also receive priority invitations to our latest campaign meetings and webinars.  
  2. Attend Patient Advocate Foundation’s annual Patient Congress 2021: Health Needs Navigation from October 6-8, 2021. Learn more here.
  3. Participate in our Week of Action, taking place October 11-15, 2021.
  4. Follow NPAF on social media and engage with our campaign posts (like, share, comment):
  5. Recruit fellow advocates by inviting them to take part in this campaign.


Campaign Calendar


Participate in our Week of Action, October 11 – 15

  • Monday, October 11: TALK with someone you know about needs navigation. Use our conversation guide below and let us know some key takeaways from your conversation. 
  • Tuesday, October  12: WRITE a letter to the editor to raise awareness about the importance of needs navigation. Use our tips from our toolkit to help get you started.
  • Wednesday, October 13: DONATE your story about your experience(s) navigating the health care system. There are different ways you can share your story—submit a poem, video testimonial or even a song. Donate your story below
  • Thursday, October 14: RECRUIT a needs navigator in your community to attend Policy Consortium on Wed, November 17 from 12:30-3:30.
  • Friday, October 15: POST on social media using the hashtag: #HealthNeedsNavigation to bring awareness to the campaign and its resources. 


Donate Your Story


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Our Health Needs Navigation Resources


Needs Navigation Policy Handout | Download

Needs Navigation FAQ | Download

Can We Talk About My Costs of Care? | Download


NPAF’s grassroots campaigns are a core part of our Patient Action League (PAL) program made possible by generous support from the following sponsors: Bristol Myers Squibb, GRAIL, Johnson & Johnson and Takeda Oncology.