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November 27, 2017

"I need people who are willing to put their lives on hold"

As part of our series honoring the caregivers in our lives, Sherry Klump writes: 

I am a bone marrow transplant patient with a complication that is somewhat common for us.  My health is unpredictable, and I never know what to expect.  So I need people who are willing to put their life on hold at a moment’s notice to help me out.

Beryl has been there for me on so many occasions.  She has a full time job, but she makes time to help me when I need it.  She’s a deeply spiritual woman who emanates calm and peace at all times.  Her faith is incredibly strong, and she speaks from that faith.  She can relate in that she, too, is single.  When you live alone, and health issues arise, we have to look outside the home for help and support.

Beryl stays with me when I need her.  She helps me around the house.  She takes care of my cat, my plants, my shopping.  Anything I ask of Beryl is always met with “I can do that for you.”  There is nothing this woman wouldn’t do for me at the drop of a hat.

Beryl is unique by virtue of her strong faith, her serenity, her willingness and eagerness to help not only me, but others in need.  She’s unique in that she understands my situation having been in a similar situation in the past.  She’s a true friend.  She is true to her word.  Beryl has never let me down.  In this day and age, finding individuals who are true to their word, reliable and dependable is a rare gift.  I celebrate Beryl for the gift she so willingly shares with me