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November 22, 2017

She said, "You have to stop fighting because it's killing you."

As part of an ongoing series honoring the family caregivers in our lives, today we spotlight Emily Moore. Emily was nominated by Lana Schmidt, who writes:


“Emily Moore was my caregiver for three years while I went through one of the most difficult times of my life. She started when she was 16 years old and did NxStage home hemodialysis for me. She was excellent at it because she had done it for her mother before she passed.

Emily is an amazing young lady and handled everything perfectly and was even excellent at the blood squirts and didn’t panic.

I did my own needles, but she did everything else.

She took good care of me and took charge of my needs; cleaned up the kitchen would cook for me and do laundry, etc.

Then I was in a terrible accident with an oil tanker truck who ran a stop sign. She was there all through emergency, holding my hand all the way. I was admitted for a foot broken in half.

The pain was excruciating. She took charge and made sure the medical staff were adhering to my needs.

She took care of my house and cat while I was away and came to the hospital everyday.

When it was time to go home with a broken foot, they shoved all the disability equipment in her car. When we got to my house we didn’t know what to do.

Two neighbors came to lift me up the steps and into the house and in a wheel chair. We didn’t know how to use the equipment and ended up taking off the bedroom door with the wheelchair.

It was an extremely difficult time for me. I had to keep my foot up 24 hrs per day above my heart, couldn’t put any weight on it for 4 months!

I was so sick, she even helped me brush my teeth. I cried everyday and still had to keep doing dialysis everyday.
As my foot was healing it was pulling on my already compromised body and my health was plummeting.

She would have my coffee out for me in the morning because I couldn’t do it and all could do was wait till she came before she would prepare me something to eat.

Within 6 months I was dying.

It was Emily who had to tell me. She said, “You have to stop fighting because it’s killing you”.

At that point I got it and knew she was right. I stopped fighting kidney failure and my foot. I didn’t give up, I just gave in to all of it.

On a Monday I had hospice come to the house to go over my options. I said goodbye to my family and friends and kidney doctor.

I didn’t stop dialysis. That Friday I received a call for a kidney!

Then Emily had to take care of me post transplant, helping with pills and everything that goes with it.

She is the most remarkable caregiver I have ever had. She stayed with me through the worse part of my life and there are not enough words in the English language to express my sincere gratitude.

She is studying psychology and now is working in two jobs in her field.”