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Career Opportunities

Manager, Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement

The Manager, Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement is a full-time position, responsible for managing the NPAF’s stakeholder outreach and engagement strategy. Under the direction of the executive vice president for patient advocacy, this role will ensure that our stakeholder outreach and engagement programs are integrated across the organization and aligned with NPAF and PAF’s missions and priorities.

The Manager of Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement will expand external visibility and position NPAF as a convening and coordinating organization to advance our person-centered care agenda; build upon the real-world experience of the patients that PAF serves; ensure that stakeholder engagement programs and initiatives align with the quantitative and qualitative research conducted by PAF. The role will manage the development and implementation of a stakeholder outreach and engagement plan to create enduring partnerships and relationships and extend our external outreach through multiple media including: digital and website; regular communications and newsletters and workshops with external partnerships. The Manager will build upon the foundation of current alliances and partnerships and manage fund raising and partnerships for projects as assigned.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to

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Other Opportunities

We are always interested in working with people who are passionate about patient access to quality, affordable health care, and encourage all interested people to consider becoming a volunteer.

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