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Faye Hollowell

Faye Hollowell came into patient advocacy the way so many people do, because someone she loved needed help. Twenty years ago, Faye’s brother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. He was told he had three months to live, and died exactly three months to the day from his diagnosis. For Faye, the experience of watching her brother suffer was transformative. She decided to take action to help improve the care and quality of life for people with serious illness, moving forward, but never forgetting her brother and the reason why these issues are so important to her.



Faye has been attending NPAF’s Patient Congress for years, bringing her calm, intelligent, informed perspective to the effort to expand and protect patient’s rights. As a NPAF volunteer, she has made her presence felt on Capitol Hill and in her own home state of Tennessee. She works with the Memphis Breast Cancer Project to further patient education and access in a population that is often vulnerable and lacks adequate health care. She is a strong advocate for palliative care, and a very active voice for the NPAF, recruiting and mentoring volunteers in Tennessee.

Faye is there for the individuals who need her as well. She personally helps patients, escorting them to appointments, providing information and support to people when they most need it.

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