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NPAF’s 18th Annual Patient Congress -- June 14-16, 2017

NPAF volunteer advocates from around the country convened in Washington, DC, for the 18th annual Patient Congress. This year’s theme was palliative care, with advocacy for the Palliative Care and Hospice Education Act (PCHETA), proposed legislation that would strengthen education on palliative care and provide support for programs that improve quality of life for patients facing serious illnesses. Advocates heard an update on current federal health care-related issues, participated in workshops on how to engage in discussions on difficult health-related topics and improve their storytelling. Participants spent Lobby Day visiting their legislators to discuss ways to support person-centered care.

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PAF Policy Consortium Focuses on The Roadmap -- May 17, 2017

The Patient Advocate Foundation launched The Roadmap to Consumer Clarity in Health Care Decision Making at its Spring Policy Consortium. NPAF is committed to making the Roadmap and person-centered care the core of its ongoing activities and strategic initiatives. To learn more about The Roadmap, click here.

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Webinar Series for Patient Advocates and Health Care Providers

We are currently sponsoring two webinar series, one designed to help advocates build their patient advocacy skills and policy background, the other targeted to medical professionals interested in improving their knowledge and skills related to shared decision making and palliative care.

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