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Can We Talk?

This event will help equip people with serious and chronic illnesses with the tools needed to position their goals in the center of the health care process, and feature strategies you can use to promote patient-centered care in your own community, focusing on treating the person beyond the disease.

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PAF Policy Consortium Focuses on The Roadmap -- May 17, 2017

The Patient Advocate Foundation launched The Roadmap to Consumer Clarity in Health Care Decision Making at its Spring Policy Consortium. NPAF is committed to making the Roadmap and person-centered care the core of its ongoing activities and strategic initiatives. To learn more about The Roadmap, click here.

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Webinar Series for Patient Advocates and Health Care Providers

We are currently sponsoring two webinar series, one designed to help advocates build their patient advocacy skills and policy background, the other targeted to medical professionals interested in improving their knowledge and skills related to shared decision making and palliative care.

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