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Open Enrollment Toolkit | Download here

Mark Your Calendar: Open Enrollment is Coming | Download

General overview for all people highlighting what you need to know about this important time of year and why not to miss it.

Think Twice Before Buying a Short-term Health Plan | Download

Describes the limitations of short-term plans now more readily available on the Marketplace.

Choose Wisely: Tips for Medicare Enrollment| Download

Explains why people with current Medicare coverage should reevaluate plans each year and not miss an opportunity to make adjustments.

8 in 10 Qualify | Twitter

Get America Covered’s Twitter-sized image “8 in 10 qualify for financial help”

Identifying the Right Policy Among a Sea of Plan Options | Download

A guide to comparing plan options

Finding a Health Plan With More Coverage | Download

Answers questions such as “Why should I care?”  and explains the big ways cost-sharing differs among plans.