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III. How to Integrate Cost-of-care Conversations into Workflow

Primary Sources: University of Rochester Medical Center, University of Southern Maine, Migrant Clinicians Network, Kaiser Permanente Washington

“I think it would be helpful if there was someone on the team,,,that could actually talk about the costs and what to expect and what people could actually do with regard to various resources that may be available for it,” Patient, University of Alabama at Birmingham study

Key Takeaways

  • Team-based approaches to cost-of-care conversations work best
  • Effective cost-of-care conversations require clarity in roles and responsibilities across the organization’s staff
  • Every organization should establish a process for sharing information about cost-of-care issues with staff. This can include information about which patients are at high risk and how to screen for financial concerns.
  • Cost-of-care screening and intervention should be integrated in the standard workflow
  • EHRs can be valuable tools to alert staff and trigger questions and to track and assess conversations
  • Feedback loops and check ins with staff are critical to implementing a new workflow and supporting cultural change.