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Skilled Communications Workshop

November 9, 2019

An NPAF Event Held in Partnership with
Sisters Working It Out
Chicago, Illinois

Sisters Working It Out (SWIO) hosted their annual Survivors’ Day of Beauty on November 9, 2019 at the Liberty Full Gospel Church in south Chicago. Approximately 60 members attended the community event for cancer survivors aimed to provide key information regarding survivorship from medical providers, as well as, screening and resources from exhibitors. Survivors receive free bras, prosthesis and wigs in addition to many other resources to support to improve the quality of life post treatment. PAF’s Shonta Chambers, who has worked with the group and its leader Beulah Brent for several years, provided the initial contact between our two organizations, setting the stage for us to co-create a Skilled Communications Workshop.

NPAF opened the day with a Shonta’s presentation on resources available to people facing serious illnesses and the specific programs that the Patient Advocate Foundation offers. Chris Wilson followed with an interactive workshop title “Your Story is Beautiful,” designed to help people tell their stories in new and different ways, then invited participants to share short stories about their own experiences. After an amazing response from the group, two patients and one caregiver contributed their own mini Story Slam.

Then everyone had a great lunch, donated by the church, and headed for the many booths to get their massages, facials and engage in some well-deserved pampering.

“SWIO has a very strong program that brings together a lot of strong women and the caregivers who love them in such a positive, loving way. It was really an honor to share this day and to have the opportunity to get these women who are confronting cancer and their community.”
-Shonta Chambers

“My daughter was a like a golden butterfly when I was sick, always there for me.”

I had neuropathy in my hands, and I was having trouble buttoning my sweater. It was a struggle but I finally said, look, you’re a button and I’m a human being, and I am going to win this battle.”

Emmanuel Jackson

“I said to Theresa, who’s going with you to your chemo sessions. She said no one. She was going alone because it wasn’t worth trying to find people who would go with her, so I said, I’d go. I would be there for her.”