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We know that it’s hard.  We work with patients and families who have chronic, debilitating conditions. Many people, especially those who have been served by the Patient Advocate Foundation, are lower income and need help on an ordinary day to access their medications. The coronavirus pandemic has created worst-case scenerio conditions for many people, and we’re here to amplify their voices in support of the care they need.

Want to help? Please consider donating to the Patient Advocate Foundation’s Covid-19 Recovery Fund. Patients diagnosed with the coronavirus will be granted funds that can be used for cost-of-living expenses.

Need help? You can look for resources and apply for aid at the Patient Advocate Foundation’s COVID Care Resource Center. 

As always, you can search Patient Advocate Foundation’s Resource Directory for anything you may need: financial support, transportation assistance, caregiver social support etc. 

Your questions, answered.

Frequently asked questions about Covid-19

Is testing free? How much does treatment cost? Can I apply for Medicaid? What kind of insurance should I buy?

Coronavirus 101

Learn from PAF's Epidemiologist

There's a lot of false information out there - come learn the facts from Kathleen Gallagher, MPH, PAF's resident epidemiologist, in this recorded webinar.

Time to Make a Plan

It may feel hard to make a plan with all the chaos around us, but you can do it. We've provided step-by-step instructions so that you can make sure your medical wishes are observed - and that someone takes care of your dog.

For media inquiries, including requests for patient stories, please contact Caitlin Donovan using the form below. For immediate deadlines, please call 202-465-5113.


Quarantine Calls

We will hold regional calls during the pandemic for volunteers and other interested people to discuss local conditions. If you would like to participate, please contact Melissa Williams.

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