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July 1, 2016

NPAF Advocates Gather in Denver for Advanced Training

2016-07-01 | May 10, 2016

(Denver, CO) — NPAF staff and volunteers gathered for two days in the mock state of Euphoria, divided into teams with the purpose of amending, passing or defeating a step therapy bill.

Taking place in the very real state of Colorado, the Denver Patient Action League (PAL) Summit taught advanced volunteers how to work in coalitions, speak with the media and guide a bill through its various stages until its passage — or defeat.

“The amount of buy-in from both staff and volunteers was amazing,” said Larry Lanier, President of NPAF State Advocacy and Community Outreach. “We had volunteers running up to staff in the hallway, pitching them on why they should ‘sponsor’ their amendments or why they should just vote no. It was incredible to see.”

The summit was packed with both instruction and real life training, culminating in a final bill hearing and vote in the Colorado State Capitol Building. There, volunteers testified in front of the mock Committee and cheered the amended bill’s final passage.

Volunteers were supplied with an entire portfolio about the legislation, the mock state and the faux legislators, complete with bios and affiliations.

The next PAL training will take place this fall in Providence, Rhode Island, and will include both intermediate and advanced classes.