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September 28, 2015

NPAF Holds Advocacy Training in Richmond, VA

2015-09-28 | September 10, 2015

(Richmond, VA) Thirty NPAF volunteers participated in high-level advocacy training this week in Richmond, VA, reviewing legislative and lobbying techniques to advance the patient’s voice nationwide.

During the two-day event, volunteers attended training sessions and heard from high-level issue and advocacy experts, who also presided over the mock lobbying session in which the event culminated.

“The training was excellent, and provided me with the foundation to go out and be a better advocate for patients,” said one attendee.

Volunteers particpated in the following sessions:

State Legislatures: What they do and how they really work
Policy Shop: Issue Briefings
How to Create and Deliver Effective Testimony
How to Build Coalitions and Work Them Successfully
Dealing with the Media
PAF 201 and the Future of NPAF Volunteerism

How to be a Successful Patient Advocate Lobbyist

During the mock lobbying session, teams were presented with a fictional bill in a fictional state and assigned a stance to defend. Volunteers lobbied each other, formed coalitions and testified in front of a mock committee.

“We plan to grow this program and hope to be able to provide a valuable experience to all patient advocates, regardless of their experience level,” said Larry Lanier, President of the NPAF State Advocacy and Community Outreach division. “I’m pleased with the glowing reviews we’ve received from attendees and hope to only build on that success in subsequent training sessions.”