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November 27, 2018

NPAF Joins 75 Advocacy Groups to Endorse the Clinical Treatment Act

Clinical trials are often the only way for patients to access innovative therapies, yet they are often out of reach because of financial barriers. With this in mind, National Patient Advocate Foundation is proud to endorse HR 6836 the Clinical Trials Act, introduced this week by Representatives Bilirakis and Lujan.


The CLINICAL TREATMENT Act would ensure states cover route care costs of participation in an approved clinical trial for Medicaid enrollees with life-threatening conditions.


Even though Medicaid insurers nearly one-fifth of the US population, it is the only major payer that is not required by federal law to cover the routine costs associated with participation in clinical trials. This coverage is already assured for Medicare beneficiaries for patients with private health insurance. With only 12 states requiring that their Medicaid programs cover these costs, as many as 42.2 million Americans go without this needed coverage.


Routine costs include the non-experimental costs of treating a patient who is participating in a clinical trial, such as the costs of physician visits or laboratory tests. The cost of any investigative device or rug would continue to be covered by the trial sponsor.


“Clinical trials are often the best, if not only, treatment option for a patient with a serious condition. Because so many Medicaid programs do not cover routine costs, and because Medicaid enrollees are often the last people who can afford any extra expenses, we now have a system in which 42.2 million people are effectively shut out of access to care,” said Alan Balch, CEO of NPAF.


The endorsing organizations include patients, medical researchers, providers, survivors and their families.  For the full letter, please click here.