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July 26, 2017


Abingdon, MD

My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and her medical team recommended that she get chemo and radiation post surgery. She lived in a county that required at least 30-45 min for her to travel each way to her daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks along with a once a week chemo that lasted 3 hours. While she was fortunate enough to have a number of the family members scramble to pitch in, this was an effort on our end. Many of us adjusted our daily schedules, took off work and just did what needed to be done in order to help out. Many others are not nearly as fortunate!

Beyond her radiation and chemo appointments there were follow-up and check-up appointments not to mention trips to get medication as well as support groups for her morale, etc. Transportation assistance was needed for all of this because a big side effect of her treatment was extreme nausea and fatigue. She never knew from day to day or minute to minute how she would feel.

Had we all not pitched in I do not know how she would have gotten to all of her appointments. We checked into state and non-profit programs, but assistance was scattered.