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Nicole Braccio, PharmD

Director of Policy

Nicole Braccio is the policy director at National Patient Advocate Foundation. A practicing pharmacist, Nicole is passionate about working directly with patients to address their needs.

Since joining NPAF, Nicole has overseen the development of person-centered policies that promote equitable access to affordable, quality care. Working with the patient service data from the case management program generated by NPAF’s sister organization, Patient Advocate Foundation, Nicole identifies opportunities to educate lawmakers on the everyday issues confronted by real patients and their families.

She gains some of this insight from the work she does in her spare time as a community practice pharmacist in Staten Island, where she grew up and where she still maintains her license.

Nicole doesn’t limit her outreach to the United States. She also works with Waves of Health, where she leads on-site operations to provide team-based primary and pharmacy care to underserved patients in the Dominican Republic.

Prior to her role at NPAF, Nicole assisted clients at Avalere Health, an advisory services firm, with their market access and commercialization strategy. She primarily focused on access to innovative treatments in public and private insurance markets.

Nicole earned a Doctor of Pharmacy from Rutgers University. She calls Washington, DC home these days, and has continued her habit of engagement with the community around her. She serves as director of communications for the Society of Health Policy Young Professionals, and as a mentor for Streetwise Partners, which works to reduce unemployment in disadvantaged communities.