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February 20 - "Better Together" with Chicago Breast Cancer Orgs

In partnership with grassroots organizations throughout Chicago, Shonta Chambers will discuss health equity and social determinants of health.

CBI Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference

Alan Balch will join this conference to discussed skilled communication and patient empowerment.

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February 29 - Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium - Memphis LIVE!

Shonta Chambers will speak at this event.

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March 2 - National Cancer Policy Forum

Gwen Darien will be on a panel for the meeting, titled "Advancing Progress in the Development and Implementation of Effective, High-Quality Cancer Screening: A Workshop."

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March 6 - ACCC 46th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit

Rebecca Kirch will be on a panel to discuss " Creating a Sustainable Model for Cancer Care Delivery."

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March 6-8 - YSC Summit

Shonta Chambers and Chris Wilson will lead a skilled communications workshop.

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