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Recent Events

September 13-14 - MD Anderson Cancer Center International Workshop and Symposium

Alan Balch will speak at the Patient Reported Outcomes in the Clinical Setting conference, focusing on person-centered care and precision medicine, in Houston, TX.

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September 17 - Storytelling to Elevate Patient & Community Voices in Health

Chris Wilson will lead a skill-building session at the Ambassador Meeting preceding the PCORI Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, focusing on story building to elevate patient voices.

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October 11-13 - Clinical Pathways Congress

Alan Balch, CEO, will join the Oncology Clinical Pathways Conference in Boston, MA to discuss incorporating the patient perspective into clinical pathways development.

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Leadership Spotlight

Gwen Darien recently spoke on a panel at Health Literacy and Communication Strategies in Oncology: A Workshop hosted by the National Cancer Policy Forum. During the panel she emphasized, “We talk about giving patients the words to communicate which is the opposite approach. We need to understand the words people are saying. Facilitate a conversation that allows everyone to understand.”

To watch the panel, click the link below.

You can follow Gwen on Twitter: @Gwen_Darien

Recent Events

Sept 5-6 - International Headache Conference

Alan Balch joined the Global Patient Advocacy Summit at the The International Headache Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

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September 5-8 - Find the Doctor You Can Trust and Trust the Doctor You Find

Ashley Freeman joined The Myositis Association's 2019 Annual Patient Conference In Minneapolis, MN to discuss the importance of developing a healthy relationship with your physician -- and how to do it.

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September 6 - 8 - ASCO Quality of Care Conference

Kathleen Gallagher and Brittnee Barris presented at ASCO Quality of Care Conference about the cost of cancer care.

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