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We advocate for what patients want. We teach patients to advocate for themselves. We support patients through encouraging community.

How do we do this important work?

First, we listen. We listen to the voices of patients and caregivers who have been directly served by our sister organization, the Patient Advocate Foundation, and we listen to those who have shared their stories with us via our online portal or at one of our many skill-building events.

Next, we help. We work with individuals to build skills that work at home, the doctor’s office or in a legislative office. We work directly with patients, providers, caregivers and their advocates to promote:

  • Shared-decision making skills between patients and providers
  • Medical billing literacy
  • Health equity
  • Awareness of patient rights

Then, we collect and compile data on the patient experience at hospitals and doctor’s offices, and regularly publish reports on this quantitative and qualitative data.

Finally, we amplify the patient’s voice by connecting patients with the media and helping interested volunteers work in legislative, research or community advocacy.

"NPAF is here to ensure that the patient perspective is heard and that it matters.”
— Alan Balch, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

For media inquiries, including requests for patient stories, please contact Caitlin Donovan using the form below. For immediate deadlines, please call 202-465-5113.


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