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Our Work

We are dedicated to improving health care access, quality and affordability through policies and practices that will optimize outcomes and experiences for all patients and families at any age and any disease stage.

How do we do this important work?

First, we listen. We listen to the voices of patients and caregivers who have been directly served by our sister organization, the Patient Advocate Foundation, and we listen to those who have shared their stories with us via our online portal or at one of our many skill-building events.

Next, we help. We work with individuals to build skills that work at home, the doctor’s office or in a legislative office. We work directly with patients, providers, caregivers, and their advocates to promote:

  • Shared-decision making skills between patients and providers
  • Medical billing literacy
  • Health equity
  • Awareness of patient rights

Then, we collect and compile data on the patient experience at hospitals and doctor’s offices, and regularly publish reports on this quantitative and qualitative data. Finally, we amplify the patient’s voice by helping interested volunteers work in legislative, research, or community advocacy.

"NPAF is here to assure that the patient perspective is heard and that it matters.”
— Alan Balch, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

What is Person-Centered Care?

Person-centered care provides patients and caregivers with opportunities to interact with their health care team to make critical choices about their treatment.. It does this by:

  • Asking and assessing what matters to patients at key points during their illness experience
  • Capturing and documenting the patient’s health care goals and priorities
  • Continually monitoring those goals as they evolve and change over the course of treatment
  • Honoring the patient’s perspective about what is important and contributes to quality of life


Advancing our Person-Centered Care Agenda

What matters to patients and families is paramount to our person-centered advocacy and policy platform Mission Critical Objectives:

  • Optimize health care outcomes and experiences for all seriously ill patients and families at any age and any disease stage
  • Advance person-centered agenda through coordinated research, volunteer advocacy engagement, and public and private partnerships
  • Leverage our thought leadership and resources to position patient voices and values at the heart of health care system delivery reform

Treat the whole person throughout the health care continuum by prioritizing:

  • Skilled communication that invites patient and family expertise about what is important to them
  • Quality of life and supportive services needs assessments and documentation in health records as part standard of care, professional guidelines, and quality improvement/evaluation initiatives
  • Equitable access to needed treatment and supportive services that support best possible quality of life and outcomes and make the promise of personalized care and precision medicine benefits available to all people

Actionable data that is meaningful to patients that incorporates the dynamic and personal nature of patient preferences and values

Equitable Access

Healthcare shouldn't be just for a few. We're dedicated to making sure everyone gets care, regardless of their income, medical history, or other circumstances.

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We shouldn't have to choose between our home and our health. We're working to ensure more protections for patients and their families, and moving towards a better tomorrow for all.

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Quality Care

We know that health isn't just about a diagnosis: it's about getting to the type of care you need, and being able to integrate it into your life.

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