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Caregiver support

Helping those who help others

What we’re doing:
Too many caregivers lack proper support and lose income and benefits as they care for their loved ones. NPAF supports initiatives like the Social Security Caregiver Credit Act, along with provides educational opportunities for caregivers who lack proper support. We work to ensure that their voice is heard within all of our patient-centered care initiatives as a vital part of the care continuum.

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Medical debt and balance billing protection

Protect patients against predatory billing practices

What we’re doing:
21 million Americans will go without basic necessities because of medical bills. We work to fight for protections against bankruptcy and home loss on the federal level, while working for billing regulations on the state level. We believe that credit scores should be protected from medical debt, and we believe that medical-related marks on credit reports should be removed once they are paid.

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Transportation and other barriers – food, energy, housing security issues

Treating the whole patient beyond directly medical issues

What we’re doing:
Transportation is the most commonly cited access barrier by PAF patients. We support transportation programs that will enable patients to access health care, live independently and actualize their best quality of life. We believe this goal is best achieved through a collaboration of public and private payers, utilizing public and private modes of transportation. We advocate for states to expand their Medicaid programs, encourage insurers to include transportation benefits in their plan structures, and urge physicians to consider transportation access as part of their routine assessment of a patient.

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