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Equitable Access

Health Care Reform

Maintaining reform and expanding coverage

What we are doing:
The Affordable Care Act spurred the greatest expansion of health care coverage in American history and should be expanded and reformed in an open and nonpartisan way. NPAF works independently and within coalitions to champion coverage expansion. We work with the Protect Our Care coalition to mobilize support for the expansion and protections established by the Affordable Care Act via in-person meetings, rallies, and social media activity.

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22 million people were newly insured under the ACA, leading to better health outcomes, increased financial security, and fewer preventable deaths.

Benefit design and utilization management

Turning coverage into access

What we are doing:
Working within coalitions and independently, NPAF hosts skill-building exercises to help patients conquer barriers on a personal and state-wide basis. With our sister organization, Patient Advocate Foundation, we provide how-to’s on working against a denial of care for individuals and their families. On the state-level, we have hosted education and lobbying summits to help advocates bring about change within their own communities, including establishing oral parity laws in almost every state.