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Can We Talk

Advocating to Put People at the Heart of Care

“Can We Talk” Inaugural Event Held in Colorado


On Tuesday, October 23rd, along with the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Denver Hospice, we held “Can We Talk? Advocating to Put People at the Heart of Health Care.”   

This event was designed to equip people with serious and chronic illnesses with the tools needed to position their goals in the center of the health care process, and feature strategies they can use to promote patient-centered care in their own community, focusing on treating the person beyond the disease.  

Participants heard from experts in person-centered care and grassroots organizing.  In addition, they participated in interactive training that provided practical tips for influencing important health policies that benefit patients and families. Finally, they learned how innovative tools like “RELATE” and “Hello” can help amplify what matters most to patients and families and raise awareness about the benefits of person-centered care in your communities.