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Can We Talk

Talking About What Matters With the People Who Matter

Can We Talk? is NPAF’s education campaign to increase awareness of person-centered in communities. Through workshops, NPAF staff and volunteers are convening patients and caregivers, along with other health care stakeholders, to equip them with new skills and resources so they are better able to communicate with their doctors, health care team, families and friends about the things that matter such as their goals, fears, finances and other unmet needs.

Join Us for Upcoming Workshops in Your Community

February 4, 2020
Cambia Grove
Seattle, WA
Registration coming soon!

NPAF Resources

Can We Talk About What Matters to Me? One-pager resource with five tips to help you communicate your needs and priorities to your health care team. Download Here.

Improving Patient-to-Doctor Communication With the “Can We Talk?” Campaign Podcast interview with the Journal of Clinical Pathways about Can We Talk? Listen Here.

Can We Talk? Discussing What Matters With the People Who Matter Patient perspective published in the Journal of Clinical Pathways which lays the foundation for creating Can We Talk? and the need to provide patients and caregivers with the scaffolding and support to initiate conversations about the things that matter: their goals, fears, concerns and preferences. Read Here. 


NPAF Partners in Advancing Person-Centered Care

Palliative Care: What You Should Know One-pager describing palliative care. Read Here.

Common Practice The makers of the conversation tool “Hello”. Explore Here.

Take Action

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