Learning From and Working With Communities: Best Practices in Community-Based Research

12:00pm - 4:00pm


We will bring together members of those communities and researchers who are working with them to talk about what it means to have co-created programs built on respect, trust and mutual benefit. The focus will be on hearing the voices of the people doing this important work with emphasis on why projects work and why they can fall short.

The agenda is available here.


Featured Speakers


Alan Balch, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, National Patient Advocate Foundation



Jim Chaliak

Katie Cueva - People - Institute of Social and Economic Research


Katie Cueva, ScD, MAT, MPH, Assistant Professor of Health Policy, University of Alaska-Anchorage




Study Team


Silvia Cunto-Amesty, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Irving Medical Center





Gwen Darien, Executive Vice President for Patient Advocacy and Engagement, National Patient Advocate Foundation



Dr. Suzanne Held


Suzanne Held, PhD, Montana State University






Melanie Lawrence, Patient Advocate & Research Advisor, Cystic Fibrosis community





Staff and Board|Messengers For Health|Crow Reservation


Alma McCormick, MA, Executive Director, Messengers for Health



Stacy Van Gorp, PhD, Advocate for people with cystic fibrosis and trust researcher





Karriem Watson, DHSc, MS, MPH, Chief Engagement Officer, NIH All of Us Research Program