Campaign: Caregivers Count

Let's Take Care of Our Caregivers

Caregivers are our most passionate of patient advocates. We need to advocate for them too.

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The Caregivers Count campaign recognizes and honors the diverse experiences of caregivers. Because many people don’t see themselves as “caregivers,” they overlook essential support services that may ease their caregiver experience.  

Many people help sick or debilitated loved ones because they believe that is what is expected of them as a family member or friend. However, assuming the role of  caregiver is so much more than kinship or spending time together; it involves undertaking  a myriad of unplanned or extra actions to support and maintain someone’s  health and quality of life . 

Take Action

Helping people recognize and acknowledge the caregivers in their lives, and connecting them to relevant resources is the heart of this campaign. Here are actions you can take right now to support caregivers in your community.

  • Be an advocate and download our campaign toolkit. The campaign toolkit explains how you can start help caregivers find the right resources with sample social media posts, a letter-to-the editor template, an email draft and much more.
  • Engage with us. Participate in our Day of Action – outlined in our campaign toolkit – and sign up for our campaign digest. By sharing our resources with caregivers and amplifying the campaign, you can help our nation’s caregivers, one action at a time.
  • Follow us on social media and engage with our campaign posts (like, share, comment):



NPAF’s grassroots campaigns are a core part of our Patient Action League (PAL) program made possible by generous support from the following sponsors: Bristol Myers Squibb, GRAIL, and Johnson & Johnson. 

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