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Advance person-centered care. Support important changes in policy and legislation. By becoming a NPAF volunteer, you can help change the world.

About Volunteering

Our volunteer network is made up of thousands of dedicated, passionate people committed to making high quality health care more accessible and affordable to patients living with serious illnesses.

Whether you’re a current or former patient, a caregiver or a health care professional, our only prerequisite is that you care about the quality of health care in our country. You can customize your volunteer experience to match your interests, skills and schedule. We have volunteers that have a few minutes a week and others who give many hours a month.

We offer ongoing training for advocates and regular updates on key issues. We need your experience, your voice and your commitment. Interested? Sign up below and we will contact you to talk about volunteering with NPAF.

How do you want to volunteer?

NPAF Ambassadors

Our patient advocate program cultivates highly trained volunteers through an in-depth, comprehensive skills development curriculum and hands on workshops that prepare them to serve as health care change agents at the individual, community and system levels. These advocates help advance the culture of advocacy and represent the voices of patients and caregivers as advisors in working with hospitals, clinical practices, and local, state and national health care agencies and initiatives, task forces and panels. Topics featured in the patient advocate development series include:

* Health and Patient Advocacy Overview

* Advocacy Principles, Responsibilities and Ethics

* Using Patients’ Experiences to Inform Advocacy

* Building Momentum – NPAF Perspectives on Policy and Advocacy

* Palliative Care in Prime Time – Building Better Bridges to Quality of Life


Grassroots Network

Our grassroots network of volunteers help to bring the perspectives and experiences of patients and caregivers to the forefront of health system delivery reform. These volunteers are equipped to pursue community outreach and education on critical health care concerns, cultivate relationships with key policymakers and other influential stakeholders, and motivate them to act through effective public policy advocacy that ultimately improves patient and family quality of life and care quality. NPAF provides the training, resources and take-action opportunities grassroots volunteers need to:

* Contact and meet with community partners, federal and state legislators and other policy makers to highlight priority health care issues affecting patients and caregivers coping with serious and chronic illness and press them for collective action;

* Share their personal stories through media outreach, testimony, and/or serving on advisory councils or taskforces to help implement meaningful health reform; and

* Educate stakeholders in their communities about critical health care issues, recruit them to join our growing grassroots network and mobilize coordinated action.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with NPAF. Please provide some basic information about yourself and one of our team members will follow-up with you.

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