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Rural Health Care

Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing  Health Care Inequities

Closing hospitals. Patients forced to drive hours to see specialists. Too many people uninsured or underinsured.

People living in rural areas have many challenges to accessing quality, affordable health care. But the situation is not hopeless. There are patients, advocates and providers who are developing innovative, effective approaches to improving health care in their communities.

We are here to shine a light on these projects and the passion that drives them. 

We recognize that “rural” encompasses a wide diversity of people who share many of the same problems but also bring distinct cultural perspectives to their health care experiences.

We welcome your comments and contributions to this effort.

Our Data

Jessica Jones

Maurine Stuart

Rebecca Barnes


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Rural Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing Health Care Inequities

Advocates in Action

The NPAF Podcast

A podcast amplifying the powerful stories of individuals and the collective needs of various communities across the country.

Data Tells A Story

A Widening Gap

Almost 23% more people in rural communities categorized their health as "poor to fair" than their urban counterparts.

Although data tells a story it will never be able to replace personal experiences. Check out the videos below from our patient advocates. 

Jessica Jones, Indiana

"We were offered COBRA for $600 a month but he just lost his job and we spent all our savings. Where were we going to find the money to pay for COBRA?"


Maurine Stuart, West Virginia

"Cancer is the great equalizer: it hits everybody and it does not play fair."



Rebecca Barnes


"When you reach out and you help other people, they can be advocates because you advocated for them. They say, "Wow she or he really helps me and now I know what I can do for other people. It's the gift that keeps on giving."