Patient Navigators are Essential

L. Tiffani Collins, MPH

After receiving a medical diagnosis, a person begins a journey to learn about the condition, explore treatment options and advocate for themselves. Along this new path it’s common to feel lonely, overwhelmed and defeated. Patient navigators are a resource that can help relieve some of those stressors while a patient is pursuing care. They provide support to help patients navigate through screenings, diagnoses, treatments and follow-ups. Listen as L. Tiffani Collins, Senior Program Administrator of Cancer Support Care SDOH Navigation Services at VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center shares about the essential role patient navigators have in helping patients overcome barriers to accessing services and improve the continuum of care. This work is a part of National Patient Advocate Foundation’s Shared Decision-Making at Critical Points in a Long Illness Journey, a project made possible in part by support from the Danaher Foundation.