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Policy Consortium

Where Talk Leads to Action

What is Policy Consortium?

Policy Consortium brings together a diverse group of advocates, experts and grassroots activists to discuss the most pressing issues of the day, along with Patient Advocate Foundation case managers and their patients.


Not just “inside the Beltway.” We bring people from around the country, from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic circumstances, who have been directly impacted by the featured issue.


Anchored by data. We feature real, de-identified patient data from the Patient Advocate Foundation, highlighting lived patient experiences and trends over time.


More than just talk.  Past Policy Consortiums have led to direct action on issues as diverse as wellness coverage, transportation access and shared decision-making.

NPAF Policy Consortium Spring 2021

Caregiving: Challenges, Joys and Solutions

NPAF Policy Consortium Fall 2020

Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing Health Care Inequities

NPAF Policy Consortium Fall 2019

Trust Your Patient. Trust Your Provider. Building Trust to Reduce Health Disparities

NPAF Policy Consortium Spring 2019

Barriers and Solutions to Access to Genomic Medicine: Realizing the Benefits of Genomic Medicine for All

NPAF Policy Consortium Fall 2018

Thinking about the Costs of Care in Shared Decision Making

NPAF Policy Consortium Spring 2018

Financial Assistance in Health Care Coverage Challenges and Solutions

NPAF Policy Consortium Fall 2017

Securing the Safety Net for Patients and Families