Campaign: Be A Hero, Make A Plan

Let's Make It Easy to Talk about Care Planning

Does your emergency contact know how to care for you in the event you can no longer advocate for yourself? By making a care plan, you will always have a voice in your care.

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Care planning is as important as signing-up for health insurance. A good care plan will give you and your loved ones clear directions on what to do in the event you get sick or injured. 

The goal of our Be A Hero campaign is to normalize care planning for everyone, especially patients, caregivers, young adults and under-resourced populations. If you’re reading this, then this campaign is for you, your loved ones and friends, too.

Take Action

Our Be A Hero, Make A Plan campaign takes place every April, but care planning is important always. Here are actions you can take right now to help yourself and others make a care plan.

  • Be an advocate and download our campaign toolkit which explains specific actions you can take right in your community, such as sharing our care planning resources below and partnering with local businesses/organizations to spread awareness about care planning. 
  • Engage with us. Participate in our week of action, outlined in our campaign toolkit  and sign up for our weekly campaign digest. By sharing our resources, you can help families and providers be more prepared for both anticipated and unplanned health events.
  • Follow us on social media and engage with our campaign posts (like, share, comment):


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