The Trust and Equity Project

In order to achieve more equitable health care outcomes for all, we must first learn, then listen, then act with purpose.


According to research from the Patient Advocate Foundation, there are well-known historical reasons why patients may feel discriminated against in the health care setting, but providers must also be aware of how socioeconomic factors and even a particular diagnosis may trigger an implicit bias.

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Trust: The Numbers

1 in 5

cancer patients report unfair treatment because of their finances, disease status or race


of cancer patients who report discrimination cite a doctor, nurse or healthcare provider


of Black, Indigenous or people of color report high mistrust in medical providers


"When people choose their own images, their own subjects they are reflecting their own lived experiences both as individuals and members of their communities. It’s different."

Silvia Amesty, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

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