Episode 4 | Season 8

The Answers are in the Community

Darryl Jefferson

There is a one of a kind connection you have when working to improve the health and wellbeing of the community you are from. Darryl Jefferson is committed to being the change he wants to see in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. Between his role as the Director of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program for the Mississippi State Department of Health, Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation, and his own business, Darryl brings deep knowledge of his community, passion for his work and commitment to health equity  to his work. Listen as he shares about the importance of learning from communities by respecting the knowledge community members have and centering the solutions they believe in. This work is a part of National Patient Advocate Foundation’s Shared Decision-Making at Critical Points in a Long Illness Journey, a project made possible in part by support from the Danaher Foundation.