Episode 3 | Season 7

History, Empowerment and Preservation of Native People

Erik R. Stegman, JD, MA

“There have been so many attempts to erase us, to destroy us, to take our lands. And we are still here, we’re strong. We’re one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the country.” – Erik Stegman, Executive Director of Native Americans in Philanthropy. Imagine being forcibly separated from your family, home, and community. For hundreds of years that was the reality of many Native people who were removed from the lifestyle they were accustomed to and forced into boarding schools created by the federal government. Erik Stegman shares a historical and personal perspective on the generational trauma and impact caused by the multiple harms done to Native people. He brings every aspect of his identities into the work that he does around tribal law, policy issues and advocacy. Listen as he speaks about the hope he feels for the future of Indian Country.

Creating a Shared Future: Eliminating Bias in Treatment and Access

Please join us for an incredible event featuring keynote speaker Dr. Don Berwick as we discuss the remarkable advancements in modern medical treatments -- and who will actually have access to them.