Episode 1 | Season 7

The Tide That Lifts All Ships

Pamela Browner White

In this seventh season host, Ashley D. Freeman has an inter-generational conversation with Pamela Browner White about their origin stories and how they were first introduced to the healthcare system. How did caregiving at a young age for their parental units impact their outlook on advocacy and how to navigate the healthcare system? Listen as they exchange stories about harms endured by black people through the experiments on Henrietta Lacks and J. Marion Sims’ experiments on black women for the advancement of gynecology. Even Ashley and Pamela’s own personal encounters leads them to share that improving the quality of healthcare for African American people is the tide that lifts all ships.

This season is brought to you in collaboration with American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). This compliments the ABIM Foundation’s Building Trust Initiative. We will highlight different stories and context that illustrate racial, ethnic, and gender health disparities. Our goal is to provide this historical context, show how it is connected to inequities that still happen, and share how changemakers are taking action to ensure that history doesn’t continue to repeat itself.

Resources for this Episode Include:

ABIM Foundation’s Building Trust Initiative: https://buildingtrust.org/author/lnetwork/ 
ABIM Foundation’s Health Equity Background Paper: https://abimfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Foundation-2020-Forum-Background-Paper.pdf
The White Dress Project focusing on fibroid advocacy and empowerment: https://www.thewhitedressproject.org/
Therapy For Black Men: https://therapyforblackmen.org/
Therapy for Black Girls: https://therapyforblackgirls.com/