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The National Patient Advocate Foundation, the advocacy affiliate of the Patient Advocate Foundation, represents the patient voice by articulating the powerful stories of individuals and the collective needs of the community. Our staff and volunteers work at the local, regional and national level to promote access to affordable, quality health care for people with chronic, debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. 

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News and Updates

NPAF Files Amicus Brief to Defend Affordable Care Act

Twenty patient groups filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the Supreme Court, defending the Affordable Care Act and citing the need for its patient protections.

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Work Requirements Don't Work

A federal appeals court unanimously upheld a lower court’s ruling striking down work requirements for Medicaid recipients in Arkansas, finding that the rules were “arbitrary and capricious.”

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States Should Reject Medicaid Block Grants

New guidance from CMS could fundamentally change the Medicaid program in a way that hurts patients and renders critical health services inaccessible.

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