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Person-Centered Care

NPAF is dedicated to advancing person-centered care for everyone facing a serious illness. We advocate for accessible, high quality, affordable health care.

Who We Are

The National Patient Advocate Foundation, the advocacy affiliate of the Patient Advocate Foundation, represents the patient voice by articulating the powerful stories of individuals and the collective needs of the community. Our staff and volunteers work at the local, regional and national level to promote access to affordable, quality health care for people with chronic, debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. 

Roadmap to Consumer Clarity

The Roadmap to Consumer Clarity in Health Care Decision Making is a special NPAF project designed to propose actionable models for person-centered care for patients and their health care providers.

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NPAF Policy Consortium Spring 2018

Financial Assistance in Health Care Coverage Challenges and Solutions

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Did you know that your meds could cost less than your copay-- and sometimes, your pharmacist isn't allowed to tell…
You catch our CEO, Dr Alan Balch, today on @DrOz at 1 pm, talking about what patients say make a good experience with their physician!
RT @AIDSadvocacy: Amy Killelea of @NASTAD breaks down copay accumulators and the impact on patients at the @NPAF_tweets Spring 2018 Policy…
We need to engage with patients in their own communities, on their own terms, in their own lingo @CraigEmmittCole #FinancialAssistance
"We need culture competence to engage with different patient populations" for financial assistance programs, clinic…